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Hobbies or Addictions?

My newest hobbie is Cityville. I hate to admit to the addiction but I have it. I love it. I tell myself playing the game is a waste of time. I also tell others when I’m trying to justify sitting in front of the computer and doing something other than writing that it helps me relax. Don’t know if that one is true.

Cittyville—definitely an addiction.

Now stepping back a little I love to knit. Knitting gives me something to do at night when I’m too tired to write and all I want to do is sit in front of the TV. Do I knit when I have other things I should be doing. Not usually. I knit nine scarves last year three for each of my favorite girls, my two daughters and my one daughter-in-law. Now I’m starting the next knitting project for Christmas.

Knitting—a hobby.

When I first started writing, it seemed to take over my life. I wrote every day of the week, receiving countless rejections letters. If I had wanted to, I could have papered a room with them. In the end my habit of sitting in the chair every day, setting goals and studying everything about writing that came my way paid off. I published with Kennsington first, Kate Duffy being the wonderful editor who bought my book. I can no longer sit down every day and write. I work full time, publish, edit, and create covers for books.

Writing is neither a hobby or an addiction. It is my life. It is hard to have a myriad of stories in my head and not be able to put them to paper.

I have taken on stitcheries as a hobby and drawing portraits of my children. All of these were hobbies I could put aside.

What about you? Any Addictions or Hobbies in your life?

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