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Entromancy: Book One of the Nightpath Trilogy

by M.S. Farzan


GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi



  • What or who inspired you to start writing?

A: I’ve always been a steadfast reader, but never had any interest or confidence in writing until I read J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings in college. I began walking around campus with a paperback in my back pocket, and learning how to write more effectively through reading. As time went on, I started getting an itch to create my own worlds and write my own stories.

  • How did you come up with ideas for your books?

What expertise did you bring to your writing?

A: True story: I got my first major position in the video games industry in large part because of my Dungeons & Dragons knowledge. I love all kinds of games and draw my inspiration from different gaming experiences as well as real-world personalities, locations, and current events. I also have a Ph.D. in Cultural and Historical Studies of Religions, which lends a socially conscious mindset to everything I write.

  • What would you want your readers to know about you that might not be in your bio?

A: That I love interacting with readers. Send me a tweet or a question and I’m sure to respond!

  • As far as your writing goes, what are your future plans?

A: I’m currently working on Technomancy, the second book of The Nightpath Trilogy, and a roleplaying game based on Entromancy. I’m also just finishing the manuscript for a young adult urban fantasy novella.

  • If you could be one of the characters from any of your books, who would it be and why?

A: I put a lot of myself into all of my characters, but feel a particular affinity for the protagonists in each of my books, because I’ve spent the most time with them. I’m not sure I’d want to be Eskander, the lead character in Entromancy, however. He has some pretty awesome skills and adventures, but he gets beat up a lot!

  • If you were the casting director for the film version of your novel,

who would play your leading roles?

A: I think a young Jean Reno could make a pretty good Eskander Aradowsi, but it would be important to me to balance star power with ethnic diversity. Alina Hadzic, for example, is part Bosnian, so I’d love for her to be portrayed by an actress who has ties to that part of the world.

  • What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing)

A: The best advice I’ve received about writing is to become comfortable writing anywhere, at any time. If you force yourself to sit down and write, whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, and whether you have time to write several pages or just a few sentences, you begin to erode the need to ritualize your writing process. Conversely, the worst advice I’ve received about writing is to set a standard place and time to complete your daily writing. There’s nothing wrong with having a steady schedule or a structured work place, but it’s also too easy to fall into a pattern of only feeling comfortable writing in that location and at that time. It can also lead to stagnation, because your mind and body need variety in their surroundings to keep the creativity flowing.

  • Do you outline your books or just start writing?

A: I always write at least a chapter outline, if not a full synopsis, when I’m beginning to work on a new project. It helps give me some guideposts while I start digging into the narrative.

  • Do you have any hobbies and does the knowledge you’ve gained from these carry over into your characters or the plot of your books?

A: I’ve taught Japanese martial arts for quite some time, and use that experience to write all of the action scenes in my novels. It’s very important to me that the combat feels real and cinematic!

  1. Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your book?

A: Yes! I’m working on Technomancy: Book Two of the Nightpath Trilogy, which picks up a year after the events of Entromancy. I’m also finishing up the manuscript for a new young adult urban fantasy novella (more on that soon!).




2076 is not a good year to be a special agent. A quarter of the world’s power runs on ceridium, a newly discovered element that has had the unintended consequence of spawning a new race of people, and several forms of magic that were once thought to have been forgotten. Eskander Aradowsi is an agent of NIGHT, a paramilitary force created to contain and control this new perceived threat, but he soon learns that not all within his organization is as it seems. A botched mission turns out to be the least of his troubles, when he unearths a plot that threatens the uneasy truce between the aurics and humans of San Francisco, and centers on a form of magic that toys with the very fabric of the universe: Entromancy.








“How many out there?” a voice buzzed through my earpiece.


I watched the city below carefully, standing stock still as the evening breeze whipped my coat behind me. The bright neon lights formed an iridescent halo through the layer of fog that had begun to coalesce, but I could still pinpoint a handful of signal markers within the haze. The ancient radio tower loomed behind me forlornly like a ruddy tuning fork sticking out of a concrete mound.


I tapped a button on my digitab, magnifying a selected portion of the cityscape through my lenses. “Three,” I replied. “Two on Columbus-Farrow and one downtown.”


“Pissing underrats.”


I grimaced at the racism, but said nothing. Marking the three waypoints on my digitab’s city map, I hurried back to the cruiser bike.


“HQ wants you to prioritize the downtown storefront,” the voice continued. “Intel says that it’s set to go nova first, and there’s no telling what these gutter trash will do when we expose them.”


I nodded to myself as I mounted the cruiser, passing a gloved hand over the vehicle’s blinking security console. Its engine instantly came to life, cold blue light spilling out of the bike’s casing.


“Oh and, Nightpath,” my earpiece buzzed. “Bring me a couple of knife-ears as souvenirs, will you?”


I tensed on the bike, disgusted by the snickering I could hear in the background.


“That’s enough, Striker,” I said curtly.


The laughter stopped abruptly. “Just get it done,” the voice said, and the earpiece clicked.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


  1. S. Farzan was born in London, UK and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a B.A. in Integrative Biology, M.A. in Religious Leadership for Social Change, and Ph.D. in Cultural and Historical Studies of Religions. He has written and worked for high-profile video game companies and editorial websites such as Electronic Arts, Perfect World Entertainment, and MMORPG.com, and has trained in and taught Japanese martial arts for over ten years. He also enjoys soccer, baseball, and games of all kinds.


Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/Entromancy-Nightpath-Trilogy-Book-1-ebook/dp/B0161VPC90/


Website: http://www.entromancy.com


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sominator









The author will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.