Scene Plotting: Part 2

Plotting: Each Scene As If It’s The First Scene

This is part two of Scene Plotting. Please check out Scene Plotting Part 1


Interesting fact to me, after posting this I discovered in my newest WIP to be released December 1st, I didn’t begin and end every scene with impact. I’m definitely going over my project to make sure I’ve followed my guidelines.


(start each scene with dialogue and impact!) Know the end of your scene:



Important Elements________________________________________________________




Plotting to a Twist:

We like to think the twist always comes at the end of the manuscript. Make your readers happy by putting a twist in every scene. The twist doesn’t have to have the impact of the dark moment, but surprises always keep the reader turning pages.

Plot To a Twist___________________________________________________________



Many times we think the characters have one conflict. The author should always consider both internal and external conflicts. As the manuscript progresses these conflicts will change. I’ve included the romantic conflict because I’m a romance writer.

Conflict: Internal__________________________________________________________



First And Last Sentences:

We all recognize that books should have a first sentence hook, but a hook at the beginning of each scene is also important. Don’t forget to end the scene with a cliffhanger. The reader shouldn’t be given permission to put down the book. Keeping the reader turning pages is one of the most important aspects of writing. You might not know the ending sentence when you begin the scene but put something down. You can always change it later.

Beginning Sentence_______________________________________________________

Ending Sentence_________________________________________________________

Remember, you can change any of these elements as you write the scene. Sometimes characters take over the scene and write their lines for you. In these cases be sure everything makes sense and is coherent.

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