Inspiration: Travel Creates New Ideas

Traveling is the best way for me to find inspiration for my books. The research at each stop is automatic. Reading travel books, visiting museums and seeing the way people live, make my swirl with ideas.

Traveling the Columbia Gorge–Inspiration in seeing all of the windmill generating clean power.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: Inspiration

Can you draw inspiration from these photos?

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The beautiful Coeur d’Alene lake generates ideas. The sunset over the mountain was beautiful. Many of the places I visit I’d love to have a summer home. Alas that would be way too expensive. The mist rising from the lake is beautiful and the small pier for a boat would be ideal.

From the Rockies to Hungry Horse Montana: Inspiration


Driving through Montana we saw Flat Head Lake. Can’t stop imagining the Native American and their way of life. When the pioneers arrived, what made some stop here? They’d crossed the Rockies so perhaps they were tired of the travel. Perhaps they fell in love with the vast land waiting for them to settle and raise cattle. Of course they could have seen riches from cattle ranches or maybe they loved the harsh winters.

The first site of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve approached the Rockies from the east and found the sight daunting and could image how the pioneers must have felt knowing they would have to find a way over those mountains.

Then, Montana Fur Trading, brought to mind the fur trappers. Such rugged men and women who must have loved their life in the wilderness.


Fall Colors in Montana: Inspiration

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