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New Sights

October 4th and snow, in places, six to seven inches deep. The Canadian Rocky Mountains looming in the distance stole my breath. At first I found it difficult to come to terms with snow this early. I suppose these lands experience snow even earlier. Then I remembered before we left Oregon, Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood received a foot of snow. If you’re from Oregon, you know the snow will melt, there will be more, then it will melt again before the final snowfalls stay on the mountain. This year might be different though as we’ve had higher temperatures and more rain than preceding years.

Autumn Colors, Frozen Windshields And The Beginning of Winter: New Insights

We were unable to drive through Glacier National Park due to fires still burning and extreme weather making the roads impassable. I was disappointed we weren’t able to see our first glaciers and I believe this may well be the last chance for me to see glaciers in this park. They are receding rapidly. Taking care to preserve our environment is more important than some people realize. So what has happened to all of this water?

From Banff National Park to the Glaciers. New Insights

The drive from Banff to the Glaciers was beautiful, but I know the glaciers are receding. Rocky ledges have been carved out from the movement of the ice. Now they are bare of ice as well as vegetation. Still beautiful, they will capture the imagination and create new scenarios.