Inspiration: Canadian Rocky Mountains

Writing with inspiration from descriptive narrative and enhanced dialogue can be achieved by the scenic views in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Lake Louise is a picturesque lake settled into the Canadian Rockies.

Lake Louise: Canadian Rockies

This lake was first named Lake of the Little Fishes by the Stoney Nakota First Nations people. Lake Louise is a glacial lake. The name given to this body of water by Canadians came from the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. The emerald color is derived from rock flour carried down by melt-water from the glaciers overlooking the lake.

I have to say I was shocked when I saw the lake and glacier. In the early sixties my family visited Banff National Park and Lake Louise. At that time the glacier reached the lake. Now the ice flow has been reduced substantially. Instead of emerald color the lake is now, it was a milky white as were all the rivers. While the scene is still beautiful and idyllic, it is nowhere near as vivid as my memory.

More Glaciers: Canadian Rockies

The glacier on the left has receded somewhere between a quarter mile and half a mile since 192o. We parked at the visitor center and walked to the beginning of the ice flow. Noticing the markers along the trail pointing out the point where this glacier was at different years. I felt disheartened to realize in time the glaciers will no longer exist.

Again, where is the water going. Obviously into the atmosphere. This is dismaying while I watch the news about the newest hurricane Nate which is headed for New Orleans. The storm is only expected to be a hurricane category one but in this low lying area the rains could bring catastrophic damage.


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