Characterization Part 2: Favorites

Knowing your characters Favorites, Habits and Background will add important layers to your book.

Favorits, Habits and Hobbies will add dialogue and narrative, giving more depth to a writers novel.

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Knowing your character’s favorite color can appear in what they wear. One doesn’t have to say Sadie’s favorite color is blue. Make it apparent in the narrative by showing what colors she prefers or in a gift given by her lover or best friend.

Character’s favorite color:
Character’s least favorite color:

There are lots of reasons for a favorite color. Perhaps he/she loves a particular flower, which would be another favorite.The favorite color could be derived from her astrological sign.


Other favorites and once again the author can incorporate these details into the action and the plot.

Favorite Music:
Least favorite Music:


A favorite food can be lots of fun. The author can include recipes within the book or at the end.



I love expressions and explicatives, but be careful not to overuse them.  Writing romance, it’s always fun to have pet names. Common ones: Babe, Honey, Sweetheart; but I like to go a bit further. In the WIP I’m working on now the hero calls his lover, ‘My Little Sunshine.’ However, because he is fluent in French, he says my petite rayon de soleil.


Don’t use one or two explicatives too often. The reader will put the book down. Use them sparingly and they will have more impact. Writing the rough draft don’t worry about over use however, when you reread be sure to delete the ones that are not necessary.


Mode of transportation:
Daredevil or cautious?
Same when alone?


My favorite in this category is the last one. How does your character like to spend a rainy day. Most often this revolves around something I personally like to do.

Smokes:                                           What?
When and how much?
Drinks:                                           What?
When and how much?
How does the character spend a rainy day?


Delving into background one begins to discover the family dynamics. As an author I encourage authors to fill out all these details. Some of the others are not appropriate because the historical period one is writing in.

Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her:

How do you use characterization to develop your book?