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The Oath: Maddy and Silenus

by Susan Badaracco


GENRE:  fantasy adventure



  1. What or who inspired you to start writing?

       I decided to write a book as a fundraiser… having no idea how difficult it is to actually write a book.

I’ve been blogging on medical topics for eight years now. It’s been a great avenue to keep our patient families educated on assorted illnesses and therapies. When the Children’s Advocacy needed additional funds, I felt compelled to help. I’d served as a volunteer for a number of years, listened to the stories of sexual abuse that I wish I could forget. Those children needed healing. I thought- I’ll write a book and donate the profits, Easy.

And then I started writing and learned that the only thing in common with my professional writing was the fact that I used nouns and verbs. I read books on writing, attended conferences on writing and I wrote…and wrote. I worked with an editor who slashed entire paragraphs and then wrote lines of encouragement in the margins. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the craft.


  1. How did you come up with the ideas for your books?

I like to get up early and go for a run before the day and its demands press in on me. I allow my mind to wander, sometimes visualizing an entire scene that flows like a past memory, other times unable to get beyond my ‘to do’ list of chores and errands. Once I have an inkling of a concept, I do online research which has, of course, led to more ideas…


  1. What expertise did you bring to writing?

I’m a pediatrician, so I have a familiarity with all types of children-the nervous non-stop talkers, the bashful toddlers and the energetic grade schoolers. I get to learn about their interactions with their parents, their siblings and the world around them. Now, learning how to convey the nuances of these relationships on paper…I love the challenge that!


  1. As far as your writing goes, what are your future plans?

In the short term, I’m going to continue writing “The Oath” series. It has been an enchanting experience that keeps drawing me back. In the long term…I want to grow further as a author. James Patterson has written children’s books, vampire books, adventure and mystery books. I would love to explore different genres, to learn the rules and what makes them unique. Ultimately, I would like to learn to write well enough to make my readers anxious, tearful…or bloom with happiness over an imaginary character’s situation.


  1. What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing)

The best advice was written on Elizabeth Hunter’s website. “If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one will. You want to be a professional? HIRE AN EDITOR. It really is that important.

The worse advice was “It’s good enough” from a friend who read one of my earlier versions.


  1. Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I’ve discovered that without an outline, I go off on odd tangents and dump too much unnecessary information. My outlines tend to be quite expansive however, almost a very condensed version of the actual novel. I will write scenes that come to mind or a single word that reminds me of the direction I want to take in that chapter.


  1. Do you have an all time favorite book?

“The Shadow of the Wind” By Carlos Ruiz Zafon. One reviewer described it as a ‘love letter to literature’. It is beautifully written by a master story teller. The tale… a book dealer’s son who discovers that copies of a mysterious book are being destroyed…is complex, thrilling and tragic. If I could learn to write like that…


  1. Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your book?

Here’s my book description:


Ashton thought life would be perfect once she got that new handbag.

Fashionable clothes, trendy shoes…she had everything a girl could dream about. Until that morning…when she has lost everything.

Now, Ashton desires only one thing….Revenge.


Egorn had his own reasons for vengeance.

He wants to punish those responsible for the annihilation of his family.

Orphaned when he was young, he trains relentlessly to become a unicorn warrior. Nothing else matters. Until that morning….when he realized that protecting her was more important than anything else.


Can a unicorn who has no fighting experience protect an innocent who has no concern for her own safety?


  1. Who is your favorite actor and actress?

Tom Hanks for his ability to play a wide range of different roles. Kate Winslet for her multiple strong portrayals of women.


  1. What is your favorite reality show?

Master Chef Junior. How is it possible that children who need step stools to reach the stove are more creative than the average cook?


  1. Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like to write in a series?

The difficulty in writing a series is introducing established characters and situations to a new reader without boring those that are already familiar with your first book. The gift that fantasy series writing gives to an author is that you already have created names, places, events that you can enlarge and dive off from.

BLURB: The Oath: Maddy and Silenus


When her past merges with her present, Maddy is not sure what to think. Was that really an abduction she witnessed? Does she have the courage to find out?

Silenus is a unicorn haunted by his past failure to protect his charge. He trains relentlessly but is he fierce enough to protect this innocent? Will she even trust him?

Can a mortal and immortal pursue the truth together or will Maddy pay the ultimate price?





EXCERPT: The Oath: Maddy and Silenus


Silenus shoved emotion down and boldly, systematically, scrutinized the victims strewn throughout the meadow. He saved the copse of trees for last. Coming down the hill, he’d determined that tactically, the trees provided the best defensive position. It would be the only logical place to go if you had a younger, slower unicorn to protect. It was there, under a canopy of graceful tree limbs and flickering sunlight that he found them both. He knew his wife, who was known for her speed, gave up any chance of escape in order to shield their beloved daughter. His wife was bloodied, her chest splayed open, her pearly horn crimson stained. His daughter looked peaceful, undefiled with the exception of a single puncture wound to the chest. Her tiny horn sparkled as it caught rays of sun filtering through the trees.


Silenus nuzzled his wife, but although her body was still warm, she remained motionless. He leaned down to breath in her essence but instead the metallic scent of blood hit his nose. Tears slid down his muzzle and dropped in dark splotches on both his wife and daughter. Tears that would normally heal wounds and cure poisons but were ineffective against death. He pawed at the ground in front of them, sending up dust that cloaked his mouth and burned his eyes.





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Susan Badaracco is the author and independent publisher of “The Oath: Maddy and Silenus”.

In her real life, she is a pediatrician at Kids First Pediatrics where she routinely consoles anxious moms, retrieves interesting objects hidden in ears and laughs at made up knock-knock jokes.

She lives with her husband, a dog (ADHD is not limited to humans) and a cat. Her daughter and son both made the unfortunate decision to grow up which means she travels more than she used to.


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Susan Badaracco will be awarding a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.