Mind Styles: Abstract Random

In the Mind Style Resource Guide by Dr. Anthony Gregore a writer is given four different styles of thinking, Concrete Sequential, Abstract Random, Concrete Random, & Abstract Sequential.

A writer can use the Mind Style Resource Guide to create conflict between major characters.

#Mind Style Resource Guide

Purpose of this Guide

This resource guide will give writers a way to enhance conflict and humor and bring the hero and heroine to a deeper understanding of each others personality. We all understand that characters must undergo change and growth if they are to find true happiness. We understand too that the conflicts must be resolved before the end of the manuscript. Conflicts are not alway on the physical level. Sometimes the problems that separate the hero and the heroine are on the physiological level.

Today we will look at the Abstract Random personality traits.

Dominant Viewpoint: Abstract Random:

Abstract Randoms are what we would call ‘flakes.’ In their best form they are like snow flakes, each one is beautifully unique, each joins with others with flexibility and ease. Together they cover and bring together the world in a dazzling art display.


  1. Emotional
  2. Multi media
  3. Personal
  4. Sensitive
  5. Empathy
  6. Sociable
  7. Subjective
  8. Flexible
  9. Vivid Imagination
  10. Bright and colorful

Favorite Sayings:

  1. If it feels good do it.
  2. Take time and smell the roses.
  3. The heart has reasons, that read has no knowledge of

Partial list of Strengths:

  1. Establishes quality relationships
  2. Accurate “gut feelings”
  3. Celebrate music, art, nature and literature
  4. Enthusiasm and passion
  5. Warm fuzzy people

Partial List of annoyances to other people:

  1. Can be an “off the wall flake”
  2. Operates on “ish” time when others don’t
  3. Extreme moodiness due to an inability to balance the extremes of their emotions
  4. Snacking and having fun when other are task oriented
  5. Overly sensitive to correction, they call it criticism
  6. Do not like to work alone for any long period of time

Personal Preference:

  1. Must have freedom of movement, expression of thought, and emotional exercise
  2. Need a place to which they can retreat to recollect, recharge, and reorganize
  3. Want to work and share with others
  4. “All for one and one for all”

If you couple two different personality types there is bound to be emotional conflict. Have fun with theses character traits and see what effect they have on your hero and heroine.

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