Mind Styles: Concrete Random

In the Mind Style Resource Guide by Dr. Anthony Gregore a writer is given four different styles of thinking, Concrete Sequential, Abstract Random, Concrete Random, & Abstract Sequential.

A writer can use the Mind Style Resource Guide to create conflict between major characters.

#Mind Style Resource Guide

Purpose of this Guide

This resource guide will give writers a way to enhance conflict and humor and bring the hero and heroine to a deeper understanding of each others personality. We all understand that characters must undergo change and growth if they are to find true happiness. We understand too that the conflicts must be resolved before the end of the manuscript. Conflicts are not alway on the physical level. Sometimes the problems that separate the hero and the heroine are on the physiological level.

Today we will look at the Concrete Random personality traits.

Dominant View Point:

Concrete Randoms are the instinctual jumpers. By that I mean they have the answers before the questions have been asked. They makeup a noteworthy percentage of the futurists. More than any other point, they jump back and forth between fact and theory. This amazing brainstorming ability also frequently leaves them in a position  of not being able to  explain their thinking to the other points.


  1. Independent
  2. Pioneers for change
  3. Quick witted.
  4. Curious
  5. Challenging
  6. Enjoys novelty
  7. Investigative
  8. Inquisitive
  9. Risk takers
  10. Trouble shooters

Favorite sayings:

“Who says I can’t?”  ” The most incomprehensible thing about our world is that it is comprehensible.”  “Question authority.” “Tell me know and I’ll do it anyway.”

Partial list of strengths

  1. Think for themselves
  2. Thrives on challenge and change
  3. Discover new information and processes
  4. Provide spark, with their leadership
  5. Think on their feet ad lib while they are thinking.

Partial list of annoyances – to other points

  1. Great starters, but don’t consistently finish what they start
  2. Impatient with people who cannot make intuitive leaps
  3. Checking out when they think they know wha you’re are going to say
  4. Don’t follow directions
  5. Refuse to be fenced in, even if they need limits
  6. Jumping on the bandwagon without getting properly grounded

Personal Preferences

  1. Stimulus rich, hands-on setting
  2. Freedom of movement and expression
  3. Options to do it their way
  4. Brainstorming and open ended
  5. Allows competition
  6. Self directed

Mind Styles Resource guide

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