Wild Irish Rogue: Genie Gabriel

Wild Irish Rogue: A Prequel in the Halo Legacy Series by Genie Gabriel.

romantic mysteries

“A series that keeps you on the edge,
wondering what will happen next…
jaw-dropping, heart-stopping…”
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Prequel to the Halo Legacy Series

A wild Irish rogue tempts trouble one time too many
and comes face to face with the consequences.

As a cop, Bernie usually commanded the driver’s seat.
Now he sat chained in the back of a police cruiser on the way to the
county jail.
An “offer” from a dirty cop could have been Bernie’s ticket to freedom.
But the same Irish stubbornness that drove him to take risks
gave him the backbone to face the consequences.

He begins a journey to atone for what he has done,
which becomes a mission to save kids from unspeakable conditions.
He doesn’t plan on finding a woman
who becomes his courageous life partner
and enemies among those he thought were his friends.

EXCERPT: Why Did Bernie Have to Die?
Bernie’s heartbeat stuttered as his old pickup topped the gentle rise of
land that marked the boundary of his grandparents’ farm. The burned out
remains of the old house slammed memories as hard as a fist into his gut
as he braked to a stop.
The flames licked greedily up the brick chimney, consuming the tinder
dry wood siding, and lighting up the night sky. Bernie bellowed in
helpless rage, dunking himself in the water trough used for livestock
before plunging into the flames and toward the bedroom his grandparents
had shared since their marriage decades earlier.
Fury fueled his strength as he cradled his grandmother in his arms and
carried her outside, then returned for his grandfather. He laid them
side by side on the cool, damp grass, searching frantically for a pulse.
But he knew it was futile. They were already dead.
Tallie laid her hand over Bernie’s whitened knuckles. Through the sheen
of his tears, he saw the mirror of his sadness in her eyes. He turned
his hand over and clasped hers tightly.
Together, they would rebuild. A house. A family. A legacy this town
would never forget.
~ * ~
Bernie pushed open the door to the general store and stepped inside,
pausing to fill his lungs with the remembered smells of ripe cheese,
pickles, cured meats, leather, and tobacco smoke that had permeated the
building’s walls since the store opened over a hundred years before.
Even the old pot-bellied stove remained in one corner, flanked by
several wooden chairs that once invited pioneers to sit a spell and swap
However, shelves once crowded with treasures that fascinated Bernie as a
boy now held only a few sparse items.
“Well, Bernie O’Shea. I heard you were back in town.” A white-haired old
man with a curved back limped slowly toward him with the assistance of a
knobby cane.
“Mr. Haroldson.” Bernie walked across the plank flooring and stretched
out his hand in greeting. “I need a few things to build a house on my
grandparents’ place.”
“So it’s true?”
“Took you long enough to come back, boy.”
“I have a wife and two boys now. We plan to make our home here.”
A slow smile curved the older man’s mouth. “The hell you say.”
“Think you could order some lumber, nails and roofing for the house?”
“Might need some plumbing supplies and paint too.”
“That we might. I can give you the cash up front.”
The old man grinned and clapped Bernie on the shoulder. “Welcome home,
boy. Welcome home.”
~ * ~
A satisfied feeling settled in Bernie’s gut as he drove back to his
grandparents’ property. The feeling lasted until he topped the rise of
land from where he could see the site of their future home–and a police
car parked in the driveway.
Bernie pulled his shotgun out of its rack as he drove the pickup around
the cruiser. He stopped beside Tallie and the boys, opening the door so
it shielded her. When he stepped out of the pickup, the shotgun was
pointed at Randall Weston’s chest. “You’re trespassing, Weston.”
The chief of police eased back toward his cruiser. “Just checking out a
report of squatters at your grandparents’ property.”
“My property. My wife. My kids. Get off and don’t come back.”
“Well, that’s not very neighborly–”
The metallic ka-ching of Bernie cocking a shell into the barrel had
Weston back-stepping quickly. He slid behind the wheel of the police
cruiser and sped away.

The print version of
Book 1 of the Halo Legacy Romantic Mysteries

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