#First Kiss: Share

Share your characters First Kiss and promote your book.

This is a chance for romance writers and others who have a hint of romance in their books to share your heroine and heroes First Kiss.

#First Kiss

The First Kiss

If you write romance, sweet to erotic, your characters will surely kiss. Even if you don’t write romance you may have a romantic element in your story and most likely those characters will share a kiss. Please feel free to share in the comment section. Does the kiss explode in fireworks or is it sweet with the promise of something more. As a romance writer of twenty plus years I enjoy just about every type of kiss.

And many more:

This kiss can come from a WIP or a release, old or new. Please feel free to promote your book while you share. This is for you and the promotion of your books. Please keep the kiss at a PG-13 level. I might have a First Kiss share day for something a bit more erotic. Please keep the excerpt and two hundred words or less. Note, I won’t count but if the length runs way over it will be noticeable.

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“The enemy is not above deception and trickery, but neither are we. You must be wary. Promise me you will take great care. Nothing is at it seems. We don’t know foe from friend or evil from good.” He kissed her on the lips, light and swift. She nestled into him. Closing his eyes, he wished the moment would last forever, but he would have to hold the memory close to his heart.

Feel free to leave comments and first kisses.



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  1. This is the first kiss from MORE THAN JUST A DOG, released August 2017 under my pseudonym, Genie Gabriel. (Comes in at 197 words without this introduction. 🙂

    Peter’s hand gently cupped her chin and he slowly lowered his mouth to hers, giving her plenty of time to turn away if that was what she chose. When their lips met, a heartfelt sigh relaxed his body against hers.
    As he deepened the kiss, stars spun through Chessie’s entire body and curled her toes in sensual delight.
    Too soon, he lifted his head, regret bracketing lines around his mouth. With the little dog under one arm and his other arm around Chessie’s waist, Peter walked them slowly to the dorm. Under the sheltering branches of a tall tree, he paused. “I want you to have this.”
    He fastened a chain around Chessie’s neck. “As long as you wear this, I can find you.”
    “This sounds suspiciously like good-bye.” Chessie swallowed back tears. She had only met this man a few days ago and they’d shared one kiss. Why did she suddenly feel like she was losing her best friend?
    “We never know how much time we have, do we?” Peter brushed his lips across her cheek. “Take care of our little friend.”
    He scratched the dog behind her ears, then turned and disappeared into the twilight.

  2. Ruth Danes says:

    This extract is from my second novel, Life on another island. It is complete but not yet published. The scene features two newlyweds who don’t know each other very well.

    He took my hand and we sat in the remaining warmth of the day. I finished my wine and it gave me courage.

    Within an hour we were in our room. I felt completely at sea. My husband beckoned me over with a smile.

    ‘Come here.’

    I obeyed. The top of my head reached his lips. We had never stood so close together before. I had never stood so close to anyone before. He put his arms around me, I put mine around his broad back and then he put his mouth on mine.

    He did not kiss me quickly as he had done at the altar but he parted my lips with his tongue and I yielded. I had no idea if this was what all couples did. Tentatively I used my tongue to explore his mouth and again, I did not know if this was what all married women did. He seemed to like it however and pulled me tighter into his arms. I grabbed on to him in order to steady myself.

  3. Bill Mathis says:

    First Kiss
    Excerpt from Face Your Fears, a novel by Bill Mathis scheduled for publication in July 2018.
    Background: Nate has cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic. In this scene, he’s sitting on the living room couch with Jude. Jude is narrating.

    I listen to our breathing as it slowly synchs…I can’t believe Nate. I can’t believe the feelings I have for him. Slowly I withdraw my hand and raise it to grasp his chin. “May I kiss you now?”
    “Yes. I was going to ask you the same thing.”
    We peck a few times. I realize his shoulders are not as flexible as mine so I shift to face him better, leaning partially against him. Then our kisses deepen. Just as our tongues start exploring, he starts to slip sideways. “Sorry. Once I start falling I can’t stop myself.” Giggling, he continues to slide till he’s lying on his side. Kind of like the Titanic slowly going down. He tells me to swing his legs onto the couch and adjust him a bit. I do, and stretch out next to him, thankful for a wide couch. We resume kissing. He’s a good kisser and we’re getting into it when he gasps, “This is wonderful, but I gotta pee. Turn the TV off, get me in my chair and let’s go to my room.”

  4. Tamara White says:

    This is from Grayson published 2017.

    Grayson had finally decided to tell David about the baby.

    David leaned in and kissed Grayson on her stomach and then her lips. Grayson smiled at the tingle she felt in her belly. “The woman I love more than I love myself is having my baby. How could I be mad?”
    “We didn’t plan this.”
    “If babies were planned before they were conceived, most of us wouldn’t be here, sweetness.” David looked down at Grayson’s stomach. His pride swelled as he thought about his son or daughter growing inside of her. My woman is having my baby. David leaned down and kissed her belly again. “I must admit I’m feeling very accomplished right now. I’ve never gotten anyone pregnant before. I feel like I could conquer the world.”
    Grayson’s laughter filled the room. “Calm down, caveman. One pregnant wife doesn’t equal world domination.”

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